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over 1 year ago

Our next Global Community Meetup - Hackers Assemble!

Hey everyone,

Following the Global Church Hackathon, we're continuing with our monthly community meetups, so we have another one NEXT WEEK! 

We have two options for you, to make sure we cover the range of time zones. Both are next Tuesday, June 30th. 

At 8pm EDT/ 5pm PDT we'll hear from Adam Graber, Director of FaithTech Institute, talking on "Opening Technology's Black Box: Finding the Heartbeat of Any Device".

Book your spot for 8pm EDT here.

At 8am EDT/ 8pm GMT +8 we'll hear from Yoshi Nakamura, Founder of CALM in Japan, and Daniel Park, CEO of Openull in South Korea starting FaithTech in their communities. 

Book your spot for 8am EDT here.

If you can't decide - why not come to both?! 

We're really looking forward to connecting again! There will also be the opportunity to join breakout rooms to network and chat with people from across the timezeones.

See you on Tuesday!

The FaithTech Team